Our Appreciation

The following is a list of those groups, organizations & individuals that we would like to display and show our appreciation for. You are truly a blessing to this initiative.


Nazareth Baptist Church

Friendship Bapist Ministries (Americus, Ga) "Hope Ministries, Inc"

Embassies Of Deliverence(Fort Ganies,Ga)



Bread of Life Christian Center

World Changes Tabernacle Ministries ,Inc .(Columbus,Ga)

Norman Royal

Antioch Baptist Church ( Cuthbert, Ga) "Chosen Generation"




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Services Overview The following are a list of a few of our services:

  • HIV Testing, Pap smear, and Mammogram Referrals
  • “Upper Room” Food Pantry Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Client Emergency Assistance
  • Client Educational & Recreational Programs

Contact Us

Columbus Wellness Center Outreach & Prevention Project


1220 Wildwood Ave - Columbus, GA 31906
Phone: +706-596-1171
FAX: +706-571-0675
E-mail: cwcopp@bellsouth.net